Look through the following Good Life Skills list and note which ones apply to you.

Relatedness – includes intimate and familial relationships
Pleasure. Feeling good and having fun in the here and now.
Creativity. Expressing oneself through alternative forms
Knowledge. How well we are informed.
Community. Connection to a wider social group.
Spirituality. Looking for meaning in life.
Life. Healthy living and functioning.
Agency. Learning about ourselves to find freedom.
Autonomy, power and self- directedness.
Work. Mastery in a career we enjoy.
Play. Mastery in our Hobbies and activities.

This list provides a guide of the options you may wish to consider in achieving a balanced life.
Look carefully at each one on the list and consider the need for tweaking as necessary. For example if you are an over worker/achiever then mastery in work is a complex area for you and you may need to attach conditions. Gaining mastery should not cause us emotional turmoil and stress.
The aim is for you to look at your life and see if you can begin to cover a good array of the above. Some activities you choose may hit more than one box. For example, taking up Tai Chi would cover Life, Play, Community and Pleasure.

To be healthy we need to have a mix of the Good Life Skills.
Split your time into four quadrants headed WORK LEISURE SOCIALISING REST.

Record the amount of time you spend each week alongside each of the Life Skills.

Using the Good life skills you have identified place them in the appropriate quadrant. Are the quadrants in balance?
Think about the where it may be helpful to make changes.